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At My Canadian Pharmacy, our number one goal is to provide outstanding service and value to our customers — while meeting their healthcare needs and making their overall shopping experience as easy as possible.

Having the products our customers want in stock is a large part of meeting our goal. We understand that working successfully with suppliers who share our values, our promise to deliver outstanding service, and to uphold the highest standard and level of integrity help to make our commitment a reality.

The Way We Work

My Canadian Pharmacy is positioned to improve access for patients, promote better health outcomes, and control payor costs in a way that no pharmacy retailer do separately.

The way we work enables us to provide end-to-end solutions that impact everything from pharmacy plan design to the ultimate delivery of products and services to customers. Our capabilities include industry-leading clinical and health management programs, specialty pharmacy expertise, leadership in retail clinics, customer service excellence, and our deep knowledge of the consumer gained through the more than thousands of customers who visit our stores every day.

In My Canadian Pharmacy, you get a company with the potential to have a major impact on the way pharmacy and health care services are delivered. We plan to leverage our unique combination to help payors control costs more effectively, improve patient access, and promote better health outcomes in a way that no other company can.

Our Achievements

My Canadian Pharmacy, being a leader in pharmacy business provides you with high-quality products, on-time delivery, prompt and efficient customer support. These three elements guaranteed us vigorous development, and thousands of pleased customers. We highly honor every customer and treat everyone as an individual. Each one of you is very special for us. That is why we want you to be pleased with the order, purchased from us and want you to come back in future. Every customer gets significant discount on the second order. It’s truly impossible to find more beneficial offer than the one, provided by us.

Dr. Jack Poppins
President and Chief Executive
Officer of My Canadian Pharmacy

Our History


Young physician Jack Poppins meets Carl Rose, a young IT-specialist, who recently graduated from the university. Together they conceive the Internet pharmacy that would be able to compete with traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Carl becomes the IT director of the company.


Paul Newman, the distribution manager, joins the team. He proceeds to work on logistics, the wholesale trade of drugs, and PR for the company.


The company is officially registered as «My Canadian Pharmacy» and soon after, receives its drug-selling license. The first office was established in approximately 60 meters of space!


The turnover in 2001 reaches CAD 90,000. The secretary and numerous support operators are added to the growing staff.


My Canadian Pharmacy’s growth soars in tandem with the growth of the Internet. The turnover in 2002 reaches CAD 500,000. Outgrowing its tiny office space, the company moves to the new specially-built office quarters comprising 2000 meters in an area space. The company now has a staff of 30 people.


The Dotcom crisis shakes many e-commerce sites, but My Canadian Pharmacy remains stable due to the high-quality customer support service and in-time delivery of certified medications. The turnover reaches CAD 2,000,000 and the staff continues to grow.


Our website undergoes a revamping process to fulfill all the needs of the modern internet user.


A considerable amount of work is made to optimize our website and make it more customer-friendly. Now we have the most convenient customer support ticket system, which enables us to provide a fast and highly efficient customer service, making sure no question, complaint or request is left unanswered.


We start using several new online protection, encryption and monitoring tools including the latest version of the SSL security protocol to make sure all the sensitive information of our customers is protected. At the same time our interface remains as user-friendly as ever.


We continue to expand our service to cover new areas of the world market. We also introduce about 30 new products in such popular categories as antibiotics, anti-diabetic, pain relief and antidepressant medicines in order to meet the needs of our customers, the number of which has increased significantly over the past year.


My Canadian Pharmacy celebrates its 10th anniversary! We have achieved a lot for these years — optimized our website, improved our customer support and delivery service, became number one trusted pharmacy in Canada and the USA!


We keep improving our website, adding new categories, new products, new support tools. Dear customers, your comments and recommendations are welcome!

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